Portsmouth Historic Dockyard offers a fantastic range of educational opportunities visits for groups at all levels from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 5. Unfortunately because of the COVID-19 restrictions we are currently unable to accept bookings from schools or groups. We will be reviewing this policy over the coming week. However in the meantime you can find a range of resources on our websites:

National Museum of the Royal Navy 

Mary Rose Museum 

If you would like to register for further news relating to our learning offer please register here.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard offers a fantastic experiences for groups and tours. Unfortunately, whilst the site is open from the 24 August we are still unable to accept groups or tours, because of the COVID-19 restrictions. This policy is being constantly reviewed.

We would very much like to welcome you back soon though, so please do register for our e-bulletin, updating you on the latest information in relation to this offer. Please register here.


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