Top 10 spots for spectacular photos

Top 10 spots for spectacular photos

Top 10 spots for spectacular photos

08 June 2018

Want to capture the perfect photo of some of the UK’s best-loved naval attractions? Whether you’re travelling the length and breadth of the UK or local to the dockyard, a photo can show more than words ever will.

Pack your best camera or simply use your phone to snap the perfect photo at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

1. From the poop deck
of HMS Victory

Image 1

Step onto the poop deck of HMS Victory which provides budding photographers a great platform for taking photos.

View the bustling naval base before you and see the busy harbour on the horizon. In the distance, (not too far away) you might notice Britain’s largest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. An incredible feat of naval engineering, see if you can capture the scale of the ship from afar.

2. Amidst Royal Navy giants

Image 2

Ready your camera and capture HMS Victory and HMS Queen Elizabeth together. As distant cousins in their own right, try and contrast old and new in a single shot.

Take in the scale of each ship, frame the subjects and take a snap. Adjust your angle and capture Hardy’s Cabin or move to another position for a different shot. The open space allows a multitude of possibilities and shot types.

3. Capture Portsmouth's skyline
on the waterbus 

 Image 3

Whilst a contrasting shot of HMS Victory and HMS Queen Elizabeth is a must-have, you might want to focus on Portsmouth's skyline. See popular city landmarks on a waterbus including HMS Warrior, Emirates Spinnaker Tower and Gunwharf Quays.

4. See Portsmouth Harbour
from the water

Image 5

For all the budding adventurers out there, our Harbour Tours provides photographers with a chance to see Portsmouth Harbour as well as the Camber area in Gosport.

You’ll need to be quick as wildlife are in abundance along the estuary ready for you to photograph. Spot sailing boats entering the harbour or marvel at HMS Queen Elizabeth as you glide by.

5. Take a snap from
Boathouse 4 restaurant

Image 6

Admire HMS Warrior and Gosport from Boathouse 4 restaurant. With panoramic views of the harbour area, you’ll be inspired when planning your next shot.

Frame your photo using the window pane for something extra-stylistic. Focus on different subjects including unique buildings, historic ships and meandering boats in the harbour.

6. Take aim and fire
using a gun hatch

Image 7 

Enjoy different lighting and unique settings inside our historic ships. Pick your favourite and frame your shot using a gun hatch as a mark. Add an industrialised look to your shot onboard HMS Warrior or the open design of HMS Victory’s decks. Ensure you have white balanced correctly and the aperture is wide open to allow maximum light in.

7. Frame your subject
through a porthole


When you climb onboard HMS M.33, you'll notice opportunities to capture the outside through a porthole. Look through and decide on what works best for your shot. See the light cascade, how shadows work and the subject beyond the frame. 

8. Capture a coastal landscape
at Explosion Museum

Image 8

If you're looking for a naturalistic photo as a keepsake, why not visit Explosion Museum and take time out to view Priddy's Hard from outside. Explore the wide open space and plan how you'll tackle this shot. With a chance to capture HMS Queen Elizabeth or the coastal area nearby, there's no shortage of variety. 

9. View the scale of a
Cold War submarine

Image 9

Jump on a waterbus to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport where HMS Alliance waits. Capture the Cold War submarine's size and gigantic propeller. Place yourself at either end or climb the stairs to the submarine entrance before a tour for a different angle.

10. Facing HMS Warrior from
The Hard Interchange

Image 4

Take a trip to the Hard for a different view of Portsmouth’s most photographed ship.

Set your tripod up and position your camera. Capture the length and majesty of this Victorian feat of engineering. Or for a different type of shot, capture her at night dimly lit for a more transient style of photography.

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