Sunsets and sunrises have never looked so good

Sunsets and sunrises have never looked so good

Lights, camera, action! The Warrior webcam returns

16 November 2018

We’re pleased to announce the return of the HMS Warrior camera after a short sabbatical, the camera has now been installed up the Mizzen Mast. The new camera now streams in full HD – so sunsets over the camber have never looked so good.

From Australia to Scotland, our HMS Warrior webcam is popular far and wide and we’re excited to see it come back.

Phil George, Head of IT at The National Museum of the Royal Navy said: “After a small amount of downtime, we’re pleased to bring back the Warrior webcam. We’ve taken the time to source a good quality webcam which provides the best viewing experience for web users.”

It wasn’t just the IT team who had issues with sourcing the best quality camera. The new in house rigging team also faced challenges installing the camera, finding a calm day around the recent high winds and installing it in the best position possible.

Andy Hodder Smith, Master Rigger at The National Museum of the Royal Navy said: "Installing a camera aloft is a challenge as it is easy to damage the cable if it is not supported correctly during installation, and the manufactures don’t consider the challenges of installing it 40m up hanging in a harness so there is always too many loose and fiddly parts."

To prolong its life, the IT team have made a change to how the camera transitions between viewpoints. The camera will move every 30 seconds instead of every 10 seconds with the transitions being much slower. It will also only pan between 7am and 5pm, outside of those times it will just sit and show the Portsmouth Ferries view. Then at 7am it should burst back into life and start moving again.

We celebrated the launch of the new camera on The Prince of Wales 70th birthday by capturing a gun salute. If you would like to watch the Warrior webcam, simply visit the webcam page. Happy viewing!