Step back in time to the Age of Steam onboard HMS Warrior

Step back in time to the Age of Steam onboard HMS Warrior

5 new things to do onboard HMS Warrior

15 May 2019

You might have heard about the exciting changes we’ve made to Warrior. If not, we’re now ready to lift the lid on what you can expect when you visit Queen Victoria’s favourite ship.

Step back in time to 1863 and the Round-Britain tour. The Royal Navy wanted to thank British tax payers by inviting them onboard Warrior - a modern day PR stunt if you will. The Historic Ship’s team at The National Museum of the Royal Navy has worked their magic to bring the stories of those who served onboard or visited to life through captivating reconstructions, brand new rooms to discover and objects to touch.

Read our top guide of 5 things to do onboard HMS Warrior and how best to enjoy its new re-interpretation.


1. Pick up your new
Warrior guide for free

HMS Warrior Deck Guide

Even though we’ve told you we’ve made changes, pick up your own copy of the Warrior guide and see for yourself.

Some changes are big whilst others are smaller - the guide will give you the best chance to get the most from your visit and experience what life was like onboard as you follow a specific route. The map has been put together to give you direction and insight into specific areas as you explore the ship.

2. Have a conversation with a
historic figure

Meeting historic characters

Whilst volunteers have always added an extra layer of immersion to your visit, we’ve handpicked key stories from those who were present at the Round-Britain tour at the time. Our ‘Dockyard Alive’ team will be onboard Warrior, offering you a glimpse at life during the big celebration.

From a tourist whose love for ships brought her to Portsmouth to a midshipman whose foul mouth saw him imprisoned - there are plenty of stories to hear and opportunities to learn. See if you can meet them all during your visit.

3. Master your sword fighting skills 

Sword fighting

Without a basic set of skills, the crew could suffer at the hands of the French. As part of the re-interpretation, visitors can now learn crucial sword fighting techniques that would put fear into the hearts of enemies.

Take hold and swing your sword - just be careful not to take your eye out. Parental guidance is recommended but don’t forget sword fighting is for adults as well as kids!

4. Create secret signal flag messages

Signal Flags

Before radio, signal flags were the most appropriate way of communication whilst at sea. Get ready to master signal flag waving as you follow guidance from our midshipman.

His experience will help you communicate better than any salty sea dog as you create your own sequence. Raise your arm and drop the flag as you spell out words and phrases galore.

5. Discover new routes and rooms

Room Redecoration 

As part of the re-interpretation, visitors can now explore rooms that have never been open to the public before. Two of the many rooms now open includethe captain’s cabin and galley. Each room has been authentically recreated to reflect what it was like during the Round-Britain tour. From crockery to bath tubs, you’ll notice the attention to detail is second to none.

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