View the spectacle of HMS Queen Elizabeth from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

View the spectacle of HMS Queen Elizabeth from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Featured

08 December 2017

The best vantage point of the newly-commissioned aircraft carrier 

Best views of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier ever built from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Relive the excitement of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visiting Portsmouth on Thursday 7 December, when she officially commissioned the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Visitors to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard can take advantage of the very best views of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier ever built.


The 65,000 tonne, 280-metre long carrier, can be seen from a variety of vantage points around Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Stand atop HMS Victory’s poop deck, the viewing platform of The National Museum of the Royal Navy or enjoy the sights from the water on a harbour tour. HMS Victory, harbour tours and the National Museum of the Royal Navy are included in the Historic Dockyard’s Annual All Attraction ticket which includes 11 attractions charting the ins and outs of Britain’s 800 years of ground-breaking naval heritage.

Spend the day contrasting the old with the new at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard exploring its fabulous collection showcasing Britain’s naval heritage, whilst taking a view of the carrier just a few hundred metres away. Take an audio tour of HMS Victory to learn about the fall of Admiral Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar, step on board HMS Warrior 1860, the warship that never fired a shot in anger, and learn about the excavation of the Mary Rose and life on board Henry VIII’s favourite ship.

Another exciting addition to the site is the new Nutcrackers on Parade Trail, which features 12 intricately unique and hand painted nutcracker statues, standing at over six feet tall. This interactive experience explores 800 years of Navy history through the individually designed statues. From tattooed sailors to proud Navy wrens and even modern day warships like HMS Queen Elizabeth, these picturesque nutcrackers are a must see on site and make for a perfect photo opportunity. Some of the crew from the HMS Queen Elizabeth recently visited the trail and made sure to get in on the action, as pictured below. The Nutcrackers on parade will be on site for guests to enjoy over the holidays through to 6 January 2018 and is included in the cost of an all attraction ticket.