Top 10 things to do this February half term

Top 10 things to do this February half term

29 January 2018

February half term is about adventuring together and loving the great outdoors and the good indoors. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard provides the best activities this half term for big and little adventurers. From building Lego ships to meeting historic characters – there’s plenty to see and do this half term.

1. Make your own origami fortune teller

origami wbrdy 01

Pick up our trail sheet when you arrive and create your own origami fortune teller. Use each panel on your fortune teller to lead you to an activity. Follow the trail to complete the puzzle and work out the mystery word to be in with a chance of winning a treasure chest of goodies. Free with a valid attraction ticket.


2. Stories brought to life

Immersive theatre

Where: HMS Warrior 1860
When: 12- 18 February (11am - 11.30am) and (3pm - 3.30pm)

Join Victorian school mistress, Miss Mary Ann Alexander onboard HMS Warrior 1860 as she teaches you about Victorian love and gives you the chance to play Victorian parlour games. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

3. Create a lover's knot

mr knotty 01

Where: Boathouse 4
When: 10 - 18 February (Daily)

Pay a visit to Mr. Knotty and friends in Boathouse 4 and try your hand at creating a lover’s knot. Knot making has a longstanding tradition in the Royal Navy and it’s now your chance to make your own. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

4. Ask questions and chat with Captain Hardy

characters 01 01

Where: HMS Victory
When: 13 February (11am - 4pm)

Gather round as you join Captain Hardy onboard HMS Victory. Discover what life was like for the officers and men during the Battle of Trafalgar and take part in a mystery objects game on the Lower Gun Deck. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

5. Write a Victorian love letter

love letters 01

Where: Nelson's Cabin, HMS Victory
When: 10 - 18 February (12pm - 2.30pm)

Visit sailor Edward Wise onboard HMS Victory and find out how sailors would keep in touch with their loved ones. Have a go at writing your own love letter and find out the extraordinary journey this letter would take. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

6. Build a life-like Lego ship

lego ship 01

Where: Victory Gallery
When: 15 February (11am - 4pm)

Use your creativity to build your own ship. Our team will take a photo of your model with a dockyard background, so your ship can become part of our collection! Free with a valid attraction ticket.

7. See Nelson's original 'betrothal' ring

betrothal ring 01

Where: Nelson Gallery
When: 14 February (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

NOT TO BE MISSED! Take part in this exclusive experience on Valentine’s Day and see the ‘betrothal’ ring Lord Nelson gave to Emma Hamilton before leaving for the Battle of Trafalgar. View this unique ring, symbolic of their great love affair for one day only. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

8. Challenge yourselves to make a scrapheap submarine

submarine 01

Where: Royal Navy Submarine Museum
When: 16 February (11am - 3pm)

Unleash your creativity as you create the ultimate scrapheap submarine. Use plastic bottles, lids and corks to assemble your submarine and then put it to the test! Will it float or will it sink? Are you prepared for the ultimate underwater challenge with your little engineers? Free with a valid attraction ticket.

9. Design your own Tudor scented petal bags

petal bags 01

Where: The Mary Rose
When: 10 - 18 February (12pm - 3pm)

Make a Valentine's gift Tudor-style with this crafty activity. Place dried lavender and rose petals into your own bag and learn to smell the roses this half term. Additional £2 per child.

10. Play the great gift box game

treasure 01 01

Where: Explosion Museum
When: 13 February (11am - 4pm)

Explore the hidden depths of Explosion Museum with a fun self-guided tour for families. Can you locate all the special boxes hidden in the halls? Lift the lid on the clues and discover who the boxes belong to. Once you’ve finished the trail, decorate your own colourful gift box to take home. Free with a valid attraction ticket.

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